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Dancing in Surrey since 1952.


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tvmm logbooks

This folder contains the early logbooks of Thames Valley typed by Cyril Smith and covering the years from 1952 to 1988, followed by logbooks for the later years put together retrospectively by John Elkins using surviving paper and computer records.

Photographs from the Thames Valley collection have been included in the text for many years by John Walsh.

From 2015 the then squire and bagman - the two Johns - revived the writing of logbooks as events occurred. Their logs are included here, and the log is now once again being kept up to date.

Since 2019 the information for the logs has been provided by the Squire, Mick Jenkins and the Bagman, Phil Mundy. .

John Elkins

July 2020


JB 1952 to 1957.pdf

JB 1958 to 1962.pdf


SMITH, Cyril b .pdf

TVMM LOG BOOK 1952-1977 - topcopy.pdf

TVMM LOG BOOK 1978-1988 - topcopy.pdf

TVMM LOG BOOK 1987-1999 - topcopy.pdf

TVMM LOG BOOK 2000 TO 2009-topcopy.pdf

TVMM LOG BOOK 2010-2019-topcopy.pdf


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